A Creatives Paradise

Inspiring Real People & Making An Impact

Who We Are

A Creatives Paradise is in the business of elevating individuals to new levels through support, training, and comfortable living accommodations.

what we do

Affordable Luxury Housing

This program is for individuals who want MORE.

Transitional housing for non- violent individuals interested in entrepreneurship. This is a referral based program.

Professional Development

ACP strives to make every experience a learning opportunity within its living community.

Students in Art Class Painting


We have created a program which entails welcome activities for new residents, mentoring, support groups counseling, training, self esteem building, enlightenment workshops, social spotlights, and professional development.

Overcoming Adversities


A Creatives Paradise strives to encourage, prepare, and support its guests to excel beyond adversity.

As candidates transition from other support services, institutions, etc- some go on to excel while others are left to struggle.


There are countless individuals that have experienced a hardship, trauma, or ventured the wrong path; ACP realizes that we can help with these transitions and have taken initiative to do so.


In an effort to change mindsets while molding a purpose drive group; we have created an environment which emphasizesprofessional development.

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P.O. Box 28849 Phila PA 19151

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